Hey Guys!

Please note that Fancy Mission team is comprised of three folks:

Born in Poland, but made in America from the the ripe age of fifteen. He eats Indian food from his wife, Polish food from his mother, and junk food from his baby. Will eat pork chops just because it sounds fancy. He is photographing cool things, odd things, and beautifully awe-inspiring things with his favorite lens: nikon 50mm 1.4.

Born in India, but made in America since the age of seven. Pretends to be a strict disciplinarian, but give her a chocolate chip cookie and all rules will be forgotten. Easily strikes up conversation with new people, and though they look at her like she’s crazy initially, five minutes in and they all become best of friends.

Born in America since day one. Her birthday is December 26th – double presents for her. Favorite things in life all revolve around Mommy, Peppa Pig, and occasionally Daddy, too. Her primary job is to giggle and make us work 24/7.

We are all trying to live our individual lives, while continuing to grow as one family. We travel together. We eat together at least one meal. Life to us is about exploring the mountains, beaches, cities, and our backyard. And taking that perfect shot to bring back the memory of being there and experiencing it together. Time is not standing still so why should we?

Most of all WE are so happy you are here and want to thank you for being a part of life and our fancy mission. WE feel honored every time someone follows us on social media or takes a minute to send us a love note. Got questions – shoot them out and we will do our best to get back to you!

Much love and appreciation,

FM team

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